NirLauncher 1.18.04 for Windows 10


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NirLauncher is a set of more than one hundred essential and free tools for Windows. We find it important programs with which optimize not only the operating system and hard drive, but also other components from your computer. There were also in the tools to control and manage various elements making up the system. In NirLauncher find applications to recover passwords of the operating systems, email programs and web browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox), as well as a router network devices. In addition, the set includes all the necessary tools to manage and control the various elements in the local network and the Internet (IP ping, read the TCP / UDP ports, or monitor all active connections). The kit also contains software to control and edit the registry, cleaning cookies (cookies), web browsing history and temporary files. It is worth mentioning InstalledCodec application that analyzes your entire hard drive and displays all installed codecs on your system. In addition to showing the current version and the destination disk. The NirLauncher also includes development tools (GDIView, DLL Export Viewer) Internet (MACAddressView, IPNetInfo) and useful services to manage office software (Microsoft Word, Outlook) and system files. NirLauncher is an essential set for any computer user. All built-in tools and applications are available in a portable (portable) and can be transferred to a USB flash drive device or memory card.